7 Porch Bench Plans

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If you have a nice porch and you are looking for a new woodworking project to add on your to-do list, you should consider building a bench. We all appreciate a nice shaded porch during the hot summer days, but very few of us are daring enough to build a porch bench, so we can create a relaxation area. My personal recommendation for you would be to build a double chair bench with table.

I have browsed through the internet in search for the best plans I can find for you. All these plans come with step by step instructions and some of them also have free matching plans with lots of diagrams. In addition, don’t forget to take a look over the rest of the projects featured on MyPorchSwingPlans, so you can get even more DIY inspiration and to get yourself moving!






1. Double Chair Bench with Table from MyOutdoorPlans


MyOutdoorPlans are one of the most trust-worthy sources of woodworking plans on the internet. If you haven’t heard of this site, you should really take a look over their projects and I promise you won’t regret the time spent. Browsing through the free plans I found this amazing gem: plans for building a double chair bench, just perfect for a porch. Just imagine yourself with a lemonade in a hand and with a good book in the other. Moreover, you can share this bench with a loved one. Read More >>


2. Porch Bench with Table from HowToSpecialist


HowToSpecialist have their own version of the double chair bench with table, which is equally interesting. If you like this design more, you should pay attention to the plans on the site. The plans come with step by step instructions and with lots of diagrams. If you follow the plans you should literally have no problems in getting the job done in less than one weekend. Read More >>


3. Planter Bench from MyOutdoorPlans


This planter bench is one of the most popular projects on MyOutdoorPlans, as a lot of people have built one and shared images. The best part of the project is that you can easily adjust the size of the bench, as well as the design to suit your needs. If you have a porch, you can easily add value by adding this bench. You can enjoy a sunny afternoon on the porch while smelling the perfume of the flowers from the planters. Read More >>


4. Glider Swing from GardenPlansFree


If you are looking for something unique and with a more visual appeal, you should definitely consider building a glider swing. This porch swing glider designed by GardenPlansFree comes with easy to follow instructions and with lots of diagrams for both the stand and for the swing bench. You can sip your morning coffee on the front porch while gliding in the swing. It;s up to you if you want to make it happen! Read More >>


5. French Styled Bench from AnOregonCottage

French-Styled Bench with pillows

Amazing tutorial that shows you how to bring back to life two chairs and to give them a new meaning and purpose. If you like up-cycling old furniture and if you are a fan of recycling, then this is the must do project for you. Really good tutorial with lots of instructions and beautiful images. Read More >>


6. Old Style Bench from SecondChanceToDream


A straight forward bench that anyone can do. If you want a quick project and you don’t have great expectations, you should give this bench a shot. It is a basic but elegant bench, so you can use it in any location. Read More >>


7. Double Adirondack Chair with Table from MyOutdoorPlans


If you want to build an adirondack chair, but you want to have the loved ones close to you, you should give this project a chance. MyOutdoorPlans have designed plans for a double adirondack chair with table, so you can build something unique in one weekend. This will quickly become the attraction point of your garden or porch, so be prepared for many conversations! Read More >>


8. Adirondack Bench built from 2x4s Plans


This must be one of my favorite projects of the year! I really live the curvaceous design of this adirondack bench and i adore that it’s built using just 2x4s. The guys at MyOutdoorPlans offer a free tutorial on how to build this bench, along with diagrams and a cut list. Read More >> 


9. Leopold Bench Plans


If you want to keep it simple but still to score when it comes to a beautiful design, this is the project for you. This leopold bench combines the affordability with the easiness of construction. I have found this tutorial to be very complete and useful, so I recommend anyone to take a look and even build the bench, because you can do it! Read More >>


10. Curved Bench Plans

If you want to build a sturdy bench with a nice curved shape, ThisOldHouse has prepared detailed plans for you. This 3′ wide bench will be the perfect addition to the porch, especially if you invest in nice wood. Read More >>


11. Simple Porch Bench Plans


Woodworking doesn’t have to always be about complex and time consuming projects. If you are like me, the one days projects are the sweetest because you actually have time to enjoy the finish product. This is an easy project and you can do it too, even if it’s your first project, because the plans guide you step by step. Cut list is included but there is no shopping list currently. Read More >>


BONUS – 2×4 Bench from HowToSpecialist


HowToSpecialist has a great tutorial on how to build a 2×4 bench that is ideal for a porch, if you are looking for a simple project. If the vertical backrest isn’t a concern for you, then you should really pay closer attention to the project that also comes with step by step plans and diagrams! Read More >>



BONUS – Porch Bench with Metric Dimensions


PlanurileMele.ro provides an awesome tutorial on how to build this modern bench with table, with metric measurements. If you are located in Europe or in another area that uses the metric system, these plans will help you build a sturdy bench in less than one weekend. Read More >>



Building a garden bench – Video!


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