6 Free Bird feeder Plans

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Considering spring is here, so are the birds and if you have a good soul you can’t just ignore them. I have gathered 7 amazing plans and projects for you to build the perfect bird feeder for your needs in no time. The birds will stay healthy and they will make your life beautiful with their precious dances and singing, while you can watch them from your garden swing.

I have browsed through the internet in search for the best bird feeder plans I can find for you. All these plans come with step by step instructions and some of them also have free matching plans with lots of diagrams. In addition, don’t forget to take a look over the rest of the projects featured on MyPorchSwingPlans, so you can get even more DIY inspiration and to get yourself moving!



6 Bird Feeder Plans



1. Bottle Bird Feeder from HowToSpecialist


The first project on my list is this awesome bird feeder from HowToSpecialist. If you have a passion for diy projects, you probably know that HowToSpecialist is a site with lots of cool projects and awesome plans. You can build this interesting 12 oz bottle feeder in a few hours using a few scrap boards and nails. The project comes with step by step instructions and with a list of the materials needed. Read More >>


2. Platform bird feeder from HowToSpecialist


HowToSpecialist has another interesting bird feeder project featured on the site. If you are looking for a more conservative approach and you want a straight forward design, you should really consider these plans. You can build this platform bird feeder in two hours at most using common tools and materials. Given the low complexity of the project, you should use this opportunity to pass down the woodworking skills to your kids. Read More >>


3. Birdfeeder from AokCorral 



On third place on my list is a project from AokCorral. If you like the design then you will find the instructions really simple to follow. They also come with a very nice list of the materials need for the job, so you are only left to cut the components and assemble them with glue and nails. Read More >>


4. Bottle Tower Bird Feeder from RogueEngineer


RogueEnginener is probably one of the latest rising stars when coming to DIY Blogs. The guy running the site has an engineering background so no wonder all his plans are so well put together. If you can get past the blunt design of this feeder, you will make a great choice selecting this project as it is easy to build. Just follow the instructions and you can make one of these in less than one hour. Read More >>


5. Basic bird feeder from Ana-white


This project will most certainly not gonna win a best looking competition, but it still has its pros. First of all it proudly wears the Ana-White badge, which is a confirmation the project will last for many years in a row. In addition, if you are doing this for your kids, as a kid, and let them assemble, you have a winner here. You can cut all the components in 15 minutes and you are DONE. Read More >>


6. Beautiful Bird Feeder from GardenPlansFree


If you want to build a more complex bird feeder, then you should really check this project out. While there is no actual bird feeder built by the guys at GardenPlansFree, they have free plans that come with plenty of diagrams and with lots of instructions. If you are all about style and distinction, you should really give this a try. Read More >>


BUNUS – Super Simple Bird Feeder from MyOutdoorPlans


Last but not least, I couldn’t just end this amazing list without showing you my latest find. If you like a little color in your backyard and you are a total beginner when it comes to building, this design from MyOutdoorPlans should suit your need like a glove. Read More >>


I had to show you my latest find. This is a 3d generated wren bird house, which is surprisingly easy to make for anyone. Therefore, just click the play button and watch how easy it is to build a bird house. Even if you are a total noob when it comes to woodworking, this will be a super easy project for you!


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