5 Free Outdoor Playset Plans

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Building an outdoor playset is a great opportunity to develop the creativity in your kid and to improve your woodworking skills. There are several designs you can choose, starting with the classic A-frame structure up to more complex wood forts with ladders and slides. Take your time before starting the projects, as the due diligence will pay off on the long run.

I have gathered the best free garden swing plans on the internet to help you with the woodworking project. In addition, I have selected only the plans that come with detailed instructions and with a materials list, so that you can save time and money. I will update the list and add new plans, as I find them on the internet.



5 Outdoor Playset Plans



1. Outdoor Playset Plans from MyOutdoorPlans

Outdoor Playset Plans

If you want to put a big smile on the face of your kid, this outdoor playset is really the way to achieve that. Don’t be intimidated by this project, as MyOutdoorPlans got you covered with super simple plans. The easy to follow instructions and the step by step diagrams will guide you through, so that you don’t waste time and materials. Read more >>


2. Playset with swing from ViewAlongTheWay

DIY playset with swing

A similar approach would be this wooden playset. The project comes with real images and a lot of useful tips. If you want to see tips coming from dire experience, this is the project to check. Read more >>


3. Playset Fort from BuildEazy

Playset fort

BuildEazy has been around for ages, so there is no need to worry about the accuracy of the instructions. They give you diagrams and even a cut list with the materials. If you want a downloadable pdf, you will have to pay. Read more >>


4. Wood Playset from MyFixItUpLife

Wood Playset plans

This is the most complex project in this list. If you enjoy a good challenge and you really want to score, this is the perfect project for your. However, this project also requires a larger investment so be careful not to exceed the budget. Video, plans and a complete cut list complete the picture. Read more >>


5. Simple Swing from GardenPlansFree


The last project we recommend you is a really basic A-frame swing. If you have a limited space for the project or you just want to keep the costs as low as possible, this swing will do the job. The great part of this project is that it will never grow old, so you will use it whenever you want. It also requires basic woodworking skills. Read more >>


6. Outdoor Fort Plans

Outdoor Fort Plans

If you want to build a simple outdoor fort from basic materials and using simple tools. This fort features a ladder and a slide that are placed on opposite sides of the watch tower. You can make adjustments and add an A-frame swing to the project, as well. The plans come with a complete list of materials, step by step diagrams and a all the instructions you need to complete the building process in one weekend. Read More >>


Outdoor Playset – Video


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