10 Free Porch Swing Plans

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If you are like me, you want to spend as much time in nature as possible. If you have a backyard you can create a cozy area for recreation or for reading a good book, all under 150 dollars. I have gathered the best free porch swing plans on the internet to help you with the woodworking project.

Starting with the 2×4 swing benches up to the complex wooden stands that can be moved easily, you have a broad range of alternatives for your project. In addition, I have selected only the plans that come with detailed instructions and with a material list, so that you can save time and money.



10 Free Porch Swing Plans



1. Porch Swing Bench from My Outdoor Plans

DIY Porch Swing Plans

If you want to build an old school porch swing bench, these are the plans to follow. MyOutdoorPlans is a reputable source of woodworking plans and there are many user submitted pictures with completed projects. If you follow the instructions you can get the job done in just one weekend. The curved seat and backrest really add an unique appeal to the project. Read more >>>


2. Simple Swing bench from My Outdoor Plans

Porch swing plans free

If you want a simpler project that can be built using just a few common household tools, you should pay attention to these plans. The bulky but modern design makes this porch swing ideal for any home, so you don’t have to spend time making modifications to the plans. The plans come with step by step instructions, diagrams and a complete cut list. Read more >>>>


3. Porch swing with mattress from Saw Dust 2 Stitches

Porch swing with mattress plans

If you want to take it to the next level, you can built this porch swing that is perfect for a crib mattress. This project would make for a cozy recreation area. The plans come with easy to follow diagrams and with step by step diagrams. Read more >>>


4. Beautiful porch bench from Garden Plans Free

Simple swing bench

Garden Plans Free have created these swing bench plans. If you like the minimalist and delicate design, give a chance to these plans. Pay attention to the cut list and to the measurements for a professional result. Read more >>>>


5. Easy to build swing from Shanty 2 Chic


Shanty 2 Chic built this boxy swing for the porch. If you have a limited budget or you are a beginner when it comes to woodworking, this project might appeal to you. Read more >>


6. Adirondack porch swing from Build Eazy

Porch swing seat plans

Build Eazy has a great tutorial about building an adirondack swing bench. If you are looking for a project with an unique design, these are the plans to follow. The site also provides a detailed cut list. Read more >>>>


7. 2×4 Porch Swing from How To Specialist

Building a swing bench

How To Specialist comes with a detailed project about building a 2×4 swing bench. Easy to follow diagrams, a cut list and many tips complete the frame. Make sure you take a look over the plans, for more insight about this woodworking project. Read more >>>>


8. Curved Swing from April Wilkerson

Wooden porch swing plans

If simple instructions don’t make it for you, you can check out this project that comes with a detail video. That way you can learn the building techniques and get the job done properly. The project comes with numerous pictures and with a cut list. Read more >>>>


9. A-frame Swing Stand from My Outdoor Plans

A frame swing plans

If you want to build an A-frame stand for the swing bench, I got you covered with plans. This stand is extremely sturdy and you can move the swing easily. The plans come with full instructions and with step by step diagrams. There are also user submitted images with completed projects. Read more >>


10. Swing stand from My Outdoor Plans

Free porch swing plans

Free porch swing plans

A different approach to the previous project would be to build a wooden stand. This swing stand has a modern look with rustic accents, making it an amazing choice for any homeowner. You can adjust the size of the stand to suit your needs. Read more >>


Porch Swing – Video


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